The Social Reminders mobile app is on sale for Black Friday/Cyber Monday.
A new release already! We've just updated to include a "Today" / "Due Soon" view. In the settings you can set it to show tasks due in the next 1 to 14 days.
iOS 7 Version - We've just released a version of the iPhone app for iOS7. This also includes a couple of updates that affect web and mobile:
- A setting to only show overdue counts for assigned tasks
- Sort by List mode now sorts by list order not list name
Hi everyone! As you know iOS7 has been released. We know there are a few issues for Social Reminders, and we'll have an update soon :)
New Release 2/4/2013
New Release 22/3/2013
Promo graphics :)
We just got comments working on the mobile app. Once you've tried have a todo list with comments you never go back!
We've come a long way!
This is Social Reminders from back in its early inception. We've been through 2 complete rewrites to get to where we are today, and we've getting closer to launching our mobile app. Thanks for all the support so far <3
New Release 14/2/2013
New Release 12/12/2012
New release 4/12/2012
New release 15/11/2012
New release 24/10/2012
New release 13/10/2012
New release 10/10/2012
New release 2/10/2012
New release 29/8/2012
New release 26/8/2012
Introducing Peter Zhang!

Hey everyone. We're going to start using the Facebook page more and more. I thought I'd start by introducing you all do Peter Zhang. He's been working on Social Reminders, and responsible for the fluid UI you all love!

Big Thanks!
Major Upgrade
We're moving all support articles over to UserVoice. There you'll find documentation for how to use Social Remidners, be able to suggest ideas, and contact us if you need help with a specific issue.